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New Modded Server!

January 22, 2017 — tuxx

Next to our Vanilla server [EU|NL] Tuxxland - Small Map we now feature a modded server [EU|NL] TuxxArena PVP

This server features a couple of pvp arena's and automatic Team Deathmatch events. There are no other mods installed.

For an impression into the pvp arena's please see the information below.

If you own your own modded server and would like to use the arena's please check the blue header links below

Crash Arena

Tuxx Arena

Shin Arena

Harrie Melee Arena

Battlefield Island

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Devblog 144

January 19, 2017 — tuxx

New devblog is out!

Tuxxland has been updated. Please enjoy!

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Community Update 119

January 18, 2017 — tuxx

Check out the new Community Update!

Also a good time to let you know tuxxland now forces secure ssl browsing. For those who care...

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Devblog 143!

January 12, 2017 — tuxx

New update is out! And quite early this time! Tuxxland has been updated. Check the devblog or see the changelog below.

Changelog for devblog 143

Optimized reverb zones
Optimized sound recycling
Increased Ceiling Light Brightness
Reduced water bucket metal cost
Added purple loot box
Ceiling lights no longer turned off by water
Increased oil barrel yield but decreased oil barrel spawn frequency
Plants grow faster in Planter Boxes
Plants have an increased yield when consistently exposed to water
Plants do not grow very fast in shade but much quicker in sunlight
Plants grow much faster under ceiling lights
Corpse Flies no longer fullbright at night
Wood armor cloth cost removed
Junkpiles spawns have new variants
RPC optimizations
Clientside menu optimizations
Clientside HUD optimizations
Ragdolls move more smoothly
Fixed player movement issues, especially jumping
Removed unused components from animals
Optimized particle effect spawns using prefab pooling
Optimized decal spawns using prefab pooling
Fixed impact particle effects not playing
Reduced client side rigidbody count by 70%
Removed unused complex colliders from the local player
Fixed performance hits from smoke_1 and smoke_2 warnings on explosion effects
Fixed layers on the bunker room placeholder art (building exploit)
Fixed -window-mode exclusive
Optimized all loot prefabs
Optimized some static rock rendering distances
Added new truck variants
Fixed player preview not working in some cases
Fixed code lock lights wrong in some cases
Fixed rocks changing overall tint when moving
Optimized deferred mesh decals

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Update is out!

January 06, 2017 — tuxx

The update is finally here! Tuxxland has been updated. Please enjoy!

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Forced Wipe Delayed

January 06, 2017 — tuxx

According to facepunch there were some problems with building the updates. They will be updating tomorrow, no time has been given.

Meanwhile check out the new Devblog

Changelog for devblog 142

Slowly fade in death screen instead of suddenly appearing
Added renderinfo diagnostic command (windows)
Fixed torch worldmodel high vert count
Fixed hatchet worldmodel high vert count
Fix burlap phys impact voice limiting 
Stricter voice limiting on bullet flybys
Fix bear footsteps not playing when a bear is running and turning
Sound occlusion can't be disabled via the console
Ambience polish
Added harbor monuments to the world generation
Updated various monument assets
Building optimizations
Gib optimizations
Fixed tree base snow piles not culling
Fixed bypassing forced shadows with console
Fixed bunker room building exploits
Fixed god mode exploit
Fixed construction creation message exploits
Fixed high external wall placement exploit
Added object instancing optimizations
Fixed player rock LODs
Added Distance Culling to Beds
Added Distance Culling to Pookie
Added Distance Culling to Rock
Fixed ParticleSystems eating up cpu when disabled

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New Map for this Wipe!

January 05, 2017 — tuxx
The new map

This will be the map we will be using during the next month. Because we have more players we will be increasing the map size slightly. It will be a bit bigger than the previous one (2500 > 2700), but features 2 more monuments!

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Voice Chat Discord

January 05, 2017 — tuxx

To join our discord voice chat server check the widget below.

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